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How to make a better world?

There is so much you can do by helping your community, your family, your friends, animals, the environment, and the planet! So here are a couple of suggestions to start off with. Alone we are one, but together we are 1,000,000,.


1) Be nice and helpful to people. For example, if someone is carrying groceries to their car and they drop a bag, help them by picking up the groceries and loading them back into the bag. The simple things like that are very much appreciated by anyone!

2)  Donate money to different causes and charities. Even if you can’t give more than a dollar, you’re still helping.

3) Give a smile to everyone you see, no matter who they are or what they do. Walk the walk that will make you happy and it will make others happy as well.

4)Don’t say cruel things about others – ever. There’s no need, and you can always do things like say GOOD things about other people to make yourself feel better.

5)Invest in your own community by eating, shopping, and spending locally. Most new jobs are provided by local businesses and it reduces environmental impact. Non-profits receive greater support from local businesses too.

6)Reuse. Following that, Recycle anything with the recycle label. Other things such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and so much more is also recyclable! You can also reuse things, such as refilling a plastic water bottle instead of getting a new one.

7)Do not litter… anything!

8)Save Energy. The more you cut back, the less fossil fuels are burned which not only give off CO2 its limited. Try turning lights off or lowering the house temperature by one, it also saves you money!

9)Don’t drive unless necessary. Don’t drive unless its necessary to save fuel

10)Have a composter in your back yard. Its great for throwing out egg shells, banana peels, and other fruits. It’ll keep the dumps lower and cleaner and make your garden very healthy.

11)Don’t smoke. Not only is smoking bad for you, it’s bad for everyone around you. This is called second-hand smoking. Many people avoid this fact, but the smoke from cigarettes put pollution into the air. Smoking isn’t good for anything!

12)Do not contribute to animal abuse! There are factories that do « animal testings » that are very harmful to animals! Many products (shampoos, lotions, body products, medicines, etc.) do animal testings by testing their products on animals. If a product does not have a « No animal testing » label, chances are they could be testing that product on animals. If possible, buy less meat and animal products.

13)Do not abuse an animal in any way, and if you know someone who does, report it immediately.

14)Give to the needy. So many kids and adults as well, are living poor all over the world! You can help them by donating new, old (but in fair condition) or unwanted goods such as clothes, food, toys, and anything else needed! It all pays off in the long run!

15)Conserve as much as possible. Again, the simplest stuff like taking one shower a day (unless it’s necessary for another), and never letting the water run while brushing your teeth helps a lot! Buy the new high energy-saving light bulbs! They last years longer and cost more than half less a month than ordinary light bulbs!

16)Conserve water. Use it well because it is a limited resource.

17) Become vegan: Doing so is better for you, better for the animals involved, and better for the world: Producing meat is extremely taxing to the environment.

18)Work hard. One of the best things we can do for others is to do the best we can at our jobs. If you do not feel like your job contributes to society, consider getting a new one, but in many cases, going the extra mile at work does much more for the world than you know.

19)Plant trees.

20)Try to avoid stepping on ants or bugs. Imagine how much it would hurt to be stepped on by a giant foot. Instead of squishing spiders, use a shoe box and a piece of paper to capture them and release them out doors.

21)Be a good parent. Love your kids and they will grow up to be healthy individuals.

22)You can improve your education and help feed the hungry at

23)You can help science by volunteer computing; downloading BOINC at

24)Try and do at least one good deed or unnecessary act of kindness every day! Whether it is just smiling at strangers or helping an elderly person over the road, or checking on an elderly neighbor, everything you do helps make the world a better place.

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